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Misspelled Silver Dollar

One of the most common silver dollar questions we are asked goes something like this:

"I found a silver dollar with a misspelling on it
What is it worth?"   The
misspelling is on the face.  Near the bottom the coin it should say “In God We Trust”.  But it says “In God We Trvst”.  The U is misspelled with the letter a V. 

Here is a picture of the coin:
Notice the word "Trvst" is found on the right side of the coin,
 behind Liberty's head and above the date.


This question is often asked when someone finds a 1923 silver dollar and they explore the inscription on the coin for the first time. Other dates of United States Peace style silver dollars have the same design.
Trust is misspelled on my Silver Dollar
The word trust is found on the right side of the obverse (front) of the coin,
to the right of Liberty's head.

Answer:  What you have is not a misprint or error coin.  All US Silver Dollars minted between 1921 and 1935 have a “stylized” u in the word "trust".


During these years, all silver dollar coins were made with a U that looks like a V.  This was thought to be a “modern” or stylistic way of making U’s. Because all the United States PEACE style silver dollars minted during these years have the same design, the stylized lettering does not make a difference in the coin’s price. 



All Peace liberty dollars have what appears to be a  "v" instead of a "u" in the word "trust".

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