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Reverse design of the



   The United States government changed the design of the US Silver Dollar in 1921, from the Liberty Head Morgan design to the Liberty Head PEACE silver dollar.

    New design for the reverse of the Peace Silver Dollars

    Reverse of a United States Morgan Silver Dollar  right arrow pointing to coin   Reverse design of a US PEACE Silver Dollar coin 
 Liberty Head Morgan Dollar Reverse         Back of the Liberty Head Peace Dollar 

    New design for the reverse of the Peace Silver Dollars

Under the terms of the Pittman Act, the US mint was ordered to make a commemorative silver dollar  to celebrate the "peace" ending World War I.  The 1st Peace Silver Dollars were minted in 1921.  Although originally designed as a 1 year commemorative, mint production continued for most years until 1935.

reverse side of US 1923 Peace Silver Dollar coin

    Reverse Silver $ features an eagle design

   The reverse, or back, of the the Peace dollar features an eagle sitting on a rock mound with an olive leaf in its claws. The eagle faces to the right. Near the rim of the coin in the top section are the words "United States of America" and "E. Pluribu Unum".  The words "ONE" and "DOLLAR" are on each side of the eagle. Directly under the eagles feet, on the rock in which it sets, is the inscription "PEACE".  Hence the nick name, Peace Dollar, or Peace Silver Dollar.


      Who designed the Peace Dollar?

Anthony De Francisci, a famous artist and medalist of the time, designed both the reverse and obverse of this attractive United States Silver Dollar.  All silver dollar coins with this design (1921-1935) were minted of 90% pure silver and each coin weighed 26.7 grams (which equals a little over 3/4 of an ounce of silver).  

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the front of a 1923 Silver Dollar

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