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1923 Silver Dollar Sent to the Moon

Yes, it's for real . . . . . . a 1923 US peace silver dollar was sent to the moon. 



Buzz Aldrin (Edwin E. Aldrin), the famous Apollo astronaut, carried a US silver dollar into space.  During the famous trip to the moon, astronauts were allowed to carry a few personal items with them in what was called a Personal Preference Kit, or PPK.  One of the items Buzz Aldrin carried was a worn 1923 peace dollar. 

He had it with him during the Apollo 11 historic moon landing.

Some say that the very-worn peace dollar coin was something that his father carried around in his pocket.

US silver dollars minted from 1921 to 1935 are often called “peace dollars” because of the word “peace” on the back of each coin.   It is interesting to know that while on the moon, the two astronauts (Aldrin and Armstrong) left a plaque on the moon’s surface.  It was inscribed with "WE CAME IN PEACE FOR ALL MANKIND”.   Some think that Aldrin brought the Peace Dollar along because of this declaration of “peace”.

Years later, he had the very worn coin slabbed (authenticated but not graded) by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC).  A special designation was added to the NGC label stating: "FLOWN ON THE MOON MISSION, APOLLO 11, JULY 16-24, 1969  DR. BUZZ ALDRIN."  The coin is unique and historic, as the first coin ever on the moon’s surface.

Later, Buzz Aldrin consigned the coin to a special Space Memorabilia auction by the famous HERITAGE coin dealers and it included signed documentation as to its authenticity. 


Auction results:  It sold at auction for over $30,000!  

Not bad for a very worn 1923 Peace silver dollar.  

What's it worth today?  Who knows.  With a historic coin like this, it's up to the market place to decide, and it may be a long-long time before this coin is for sale again.

Next time you look up at the moon on a clear night, think of the 1923 peace dollar that made this historic adventure.

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