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Front Design

 of the United States

Peace Silver Dollar


    The U.S. Peace Liberty Head Silver dollar was first minted in December 1921.  The United States Peace silver dollar was one of two designs of silver dollar coins minted in 1921.  (1921 was the last year for the United States Liberty Head Morgan silver dollar, and the first year for the Peace Silver Dollar.)

   How the Peace Dollars got started

     Under the terms of the Pittman Act, the US mint was ordered to start making silver dollars after several years with no silver dollars being minted.  The last US Morgan (style) silver dollars were minted in 1904.  Several things brought this about:  World War I had ended, the US stockpile of silver dollars had decreased during the war, and there was pressure from the silver producing states for the government to buy their silver and use it for coinage.  With all this happening an idea was born to make a commemorative silver dollar, a one time coin to celebrate the "peace" that had finally arrived and the end of World War I.  So, the first US Peace design Silver Dollars were minted.  Intended as a one year commemorative, the popular design lived on from 1921 to 1935.

front of US Peace Silver Dollar 1923

    Silver Dollar Obverse Design

The front of the Peace dollar features Liberty's head and a crown of what looks like the sun's rays beaming upwards. Her hair is flowing as if slightly wind blown.  Near the coin's edge, on the top portion, is the word LIBERTY.  Below her neck, near the bottom rim, is the date (year of issue).  The US motto "In God We Trust" is found in the background.  Part of it is below her chin and the remainder behind her head.  The Peace Dollar's design is thought to be one of the most attractive large silver coins in the world, during its time.

The United States Peace Silver Dollar was designed by Anthony De Francisci, an artist and medalist. His initials are found on the front of the coin, directly above the last numeral of the date (below Liberty's neck). 

Click Here to see - The Back design of the 1923 Silver Dollar - Peace design


A "did you know" fact?  The front of a coin is often called the "obverse".

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