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United States

Mintage Figures


How many peace silver dollars were minted in any given year or mint mark? 

Answer:  The following table lists all the know US Peace Silver Dollars that were minted by the United States government mint.
This list includes those minted at the three US government mints: Philadephia, San Francisco, and Denver.

  •     Dollar coins made at Philadephia have no mint mark.

  •     Those made at San Francisco have a "S" mint mark.

  •     Those made at Denver have a "D" mint mark.

However, note that many silver dollar coins were melted over the years by the US government, or overseas governments, so the true number of coins still remaining are much less than these quantities.


United States

Year and Mint Mark

Quantity Made  


1921 1,006,475
1922 51,813,000
1922-d 15,063,000
1922-s 17,476,000
1923 30,800,001
1923-d 6,812,000
1923-s 19,021,000
1924 11,812,000
1924-s 1,728,000
1925 10,199,000
1925-s 1,610,000
1926 1,940,000
1926-d 2,349,000
1926-s 6,980,000
1927 848,000
1927-d 1,269,002
1927-s 866,000
1928 360,000
1928-s 1,632,000
1934 954,060
1934-d 1,569,000
1934-s 1,012,000
1935 1,576,000
1935-s 1,964,005

During years before and during the depression demand for silver dollars decreased.  Notice that in some years no silver dollars were minted.  Also, in some years there were no mint mark coins produced.

See our related article about 1964 silver dollars.


    More About peace silver dollar mint marks

During some of these years silver dollars were minted at the following US government mints:

Philadelphia Pennsylvania -  no mint marks

Denver Colorado - D mint mark

San Francisco California - S mint mark

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