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Why are some Silver Dollars called

"Peace Dollars"?


   Why are 1923 silver dollars called "Peace" Silver dollars?


   The design of U. S. Silver dollars has changed over the years.  From 1878 to 1904 the US government made a liberty head silver dollar. 

We now call these coins "Morgan" silver dollars because Morgan was the designer's last name.
1921 US Silver Dollar - Morgan style
A 1921 Morgan style Silver Dollar

  In 1921 the US government decide to again make silver dollars.  This time the design was changed in mid-year from the Morgan style to a new stylized Liberty head design.  This new design has become know as the "Peace" silver dollar.

What is a Peace Silver Dollar?

PEACE style silver dollars made from 1921 to 1935
Peace Dollars minted from 1921 to 1935

The back of the Peace Silver Dollar coin features an eagle with an olive branch in its claws and standing on a mount.  Below it is inscribed the word "Peace", in reference to the peace treaties signed at the end of World War I. 
The words Peace on US silver Dollars
Reverse of the United States Peace Silver dollars

When World War 1 had ended the American populace was very happy that peace had finally arrived.  The public embraced this attractive silver dollar design commemorating the world peace. Before long this new Liberty Head silver dollar was being called the "Peace" silver dollar.  The term stuck to this day. 



US Silver dollars minted between 1921 and 1935 are often called "PEACE" Silver Dollars because of the word "PEACE" found on the reverse of the coins. 

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